How To Bet On Horses?

I am writing this article on online horse-race betting for many reasons. Recently a large number of people asked me to describe the secrets behind my consistent wins! I am an enthusiastic punter, who bets on horse races. I have being in this business for several decades. With a winning history of 8 in every 10 bets, I love the sport for its challenging and enthralling nature. Every day I spot at least two new faces in my betting arena. Conversely, more than several million people gamble on horses through online betting. Many fail, while few enjoy the essence of endless success! This is why I am ought to reveal few indispensible secrets about horse race bets.

A wise PICK!

Experienced bettors tend to make use of special software packages. For instance, I began my life as a punter with Sportingbet. The enthralling site helped me predict the chances of a horse within few split seconds. The betting websites Sportingbet and Luxbet offer odds on horse racing. When the price of a horse shortens, you will have a greater chance of winning. Similarly, if a horse has won 1 in every 2 races, it is given an average of USD 3.00 or lesser. The ratings and prices would differ from one site to another. However, the ultimate result will depend on your confidence.

The right PICK!

Secondly, you should search for high quality races. When I was a novice punter, my uncle asked me to start with good races. He said that good races would have high class horses, which owe to produce reliable results! Everything is a calculation in betting. May it be the prize money, the bet or the player; horse race gambling is a neat story with numeric analysis. Thus, if you pick a high quality horse, you will be directed towards a bigger prize. In other words, your “Pick” must be based on a calculation that directs you towards the ultimate prize money.

The risky races

On the other hand, you should save yourself from risky horse races. For instance, if a race is extremely competitive, it would be difficult to make a prediction. This is because the race would have many “unraced” horses. As you bet on these horses you will be left with nothing.

An unimaginable reward

Finally, divert your focus towards the best possible prize. The prize will depend on the race and its fame. If the event is extremely popular, trust me, it will have an unimaginable reward.

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The Dangers Of Horse Race Betting

A bet that drives you towards victory will always seem safe and interesting. However, if a bet drains your cash, what would you do? Will horse race betting, lead YOU to the bank or your office? The final result will depend on the structure and time of your wagers. A lot of people fail to understand the play’s challenging and risky nature.

Your chances

If you are new to horse race betting, you should get hold of a good handicapper. A skilled handicapper will be aware of your chances! They will tell you if you are ought to win the race or not. Some of the finest handicappers will help you choose a wise odd.

The power of loyalty

A recent analysis stated that bettors with average backgrounds will have a winning percentage of 33! This is because every match is played by people with several years of intense skill and experience. Thus, novice bettors will definitely visualize a slow start. Cash would flow into their accounts “slowly” and “gradually”, if they remain loyal to the sport.

An important Note!

If you wish to be a part of the winning pool, you should place yourself in the right position! Meet the right handicappers and choose your bets properly.

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How To Become A Smart Horse Bettor?

In this competitive era, a large number of people dream of big fortunes and huge rewards. They tend to cling onto strategies that would improve their chances of success. Is your mind thinking about these principles? If yes, feel lucky! I am about to talk about few important tips, which will make you a smart bettor.

Use of timers

Initially, you should make use of a timer. Most people fail to think about timers when they step into horse racing. If you are ought to bet on races, you should learn to use a timer. The process of using a timer is easy said than done. When you are with a timer, you will have the wit to stay on track! Nevertheless, if you are ought to bet online, you should say a NO to timers.

Being alert

Moving on, you should learn to control your mind. Horse races would last from 20 to 30 minutes. If you wish to win a bet, you must prevent yourself from being distracted. Fine tune your concentration if you are an online bettor. You will definitely not prefer losing your bet, for something not as expensive or important as your cash. On the other hand, a single loss would upset you and ruin your entire day. This is why you should be a lot more alert.

Betting on MANY tracks

As mentioned previously, the timer plays a very important role during horse race betting. Within 20 short minutes you could bet on many tracks. A greater number of bets will increase your chances of victory. However, the foremost move will require lots of cash. Also, you should learn to bet between tracks! Only an experienced bettor will be capable of moving between several tracks. This increases the need for a good timer. Thus, if you have a reliable timer, you will be able to switch more efficiently.

Balancing between wins and losses

Betting on horses is a great experience with interesting features. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of horse racing, you must be ready to bet with all your heart and mind! At the same time, don’t listen to your heart while making bets. This is because betting and gambling is regarded as a clash between brains. Though the game requires a pinch of luck, your final experience will depend on analytical calculations and smart mathematics. Moreover, you should have the will power to balance between wins and losses.

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Factors That Affect Horse Race Betting!

Unlike casino-based gambling, horse race betting is regarded as a serious business. Even the world’s finest gambler would struggle during horse race bets. This is because horse race betting is a unique system with lots of rules, analysis and financial structures. The final result of horse race bets would depend on factors like the horse, jockey, trainer and lanes.

The total distance

In any horse race, the distance would play a very important role. This is because horses in short races will have a smaller period of time, before their showcase an utmost level of performance. As the distance increases, prediction would become very difficult.

The number of runners!

Secondly, the bets would depend on the number of runners. The chances of a horse would be based on the total strength of the competition. With several runners, the bets will become complicated and intricate. Only the luckiest person in town will be able to survive such situations.

Everyone’s Favorite

During horse race betting, you should pay more attention to the top favorites. Never neglect everyone’s favorite horse. Top favorites would have a higher chance of victory. Thus, you can enhance your chances of success by betting on these horses.

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Making Money Through Horse Race Betting

Let’s face it – “money” from horse race betting is easy said than done. The process of beating smart bookies is a scam and unimaginable dream. Usually, bookies tend to collect cash from punters and drop the odds before the horse race begins. The foremost move would leave the punters in a very bad state. Even if you picked the right winner, you will lose most of your cash. This is why experts consider the horse race betting system as risky and fatal. A recent survey proved that more than 95% of the punters don’t enjoy consistent wins. Thus, horse race betting is a cycle that rotates constantly between wins, losses, ups and under(s).

The Three Villains

In this article, I am going to give you a brief overview about the entire horse race betting process. As you follow these tips, you will certainly increase your rates of success.

  1. You – Initially, you should learn about horses, races, betting and horse race betting. Go through many forums, magazines and reports! Read between lines and follow the races closely. A brief analysis will help you identify differences between successful and unsuccessful horse bets. Moving on, you should know about the horse race, you are ought to play with.
  2. The Horse – Secondly, you must be aware of the horses you are calling on! Surf through the animal’s past history. Take a good look through the horse’s past three races. When did the horse compete? Did it win? What time did it take? It is physically strong? What is the animal’s average speed? How strong is its competitor?
  3. The Jockey – Thirdly, you should keep an eye on the Jockey. A clever jockey will have the wit to give a good finish. A lot of people fail to analyze the jockey! If you wish to win, you must not make this mistake.
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