James Allen Review – Engagement Rings And Diamonds

platinum diamond ringSo far, you had heard me pouring compliments about James Allen. Is there anything bad or negative about JamesAllen.com? Like any real businesses, it can’t be all that glittery and smooth sailing without any glitches. Nobody’s perfect in this world and I will tell you why.

Continue reading to find out more when one of my blog’s readers sent me an email:

I have recently purchased a ring from JamesAllen.com and had some issues with them. After 5 months of owning it (3 months of wearing it ñ so past the 60 day return) the diamond fell out. They required that I pay shipping and insurance to send it back and perhaps even more if they found damage.

They found no damage (defect in initial workmanship) and so they didnít charge me more for fixing it, but made me pay the shipping and insurance costs. I would recommend paying more for a locally bought diamond, as upon further questioning I was told that it would cost me $122USD for every time they were asked to polish the ring, even though they say they do it for free for the lifetime of the ring.

I was also told if I took it to a local jeweler to fix or polish they would no longer provide any guarantee of their workmanship if there was another incident where the diamond fell out or other issues.

They sell for less for a reason. They donít provide the ongoing customer service of a local jeweler, and don’t stand behind their product as you never get to meet the person who builds you ring. Great buying experience, but terrible ongoing service.



So far, I had tried James Allen before and haven’t had any issues with them. A quick search in Google for reviews of James Allen also revealed glowing testimonials about their service.

Here’s one such review: https://beyond4cs.com/reviews/james-allen/ and it does seem like James Allen is a pretty reliable vendor. Well, sometimes screw ups happen I guess…

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